The educational model at St. Herman of Alaska Christian School is classical and deeply Christian. The curriculum is integrated across disciplines, so students learn to think and act with integrity. Students are immersed in great works and great ideas which have enduring value, as teachers endeavor to emphasize that which is true and beautiful.  Student-Teacher relationship is of primary concern at St. Herman School, and the small classes allow teachers to focus on the progress of each individual. The classroom environment is lively and very human, based on a relationship between the teacher, students, and the mutual camaraderie and care of students for each other.

At St. Herman School we draw upon the Scriptures, the Church Fathers, and the research-based findings of contemporary educators in order to implement an educational model which is truly Theanthropic, both divine and human in nature. We teachers are a “work in progress,” engaging in the process of self-reflection, continuously applying our educational philosophy to the needs of the individual students which enroll at our school.

To learn more about Orthodox Education, follow this link here for a video of Fr. Patrick Tishel, SHS Headmaster and Founder, going into more depth and detail on the subject.