Our school staff went to give a presentation about education to a Russian Orthodox Parish.

We introduced the idea of the Three Pillars of Education: the Church, the Home and the School.

An elderly member of the Church, who stayed for the presentation, afterwards shared a simple yet profound picture of a soul-saving family practice that she felt really made a difference.

This is what she said… She came with her husband and children from Russia and migrated to Serbia, then went to Germany and then Northern Africa, trying to escape communism and war. They lived in different refugee camps. Finally they were able to come to America. She said: “Language was a big problem. We had nothing but I still stayed at home with the children. Each day I would talk to them and be with them. My husband was the choir director at Church and our children where always in Church. After Church on the way home we would discuss the Gospel and what it meant for our family, how we could apply the message of the Gospel to our lives.”

“I learned to sew and made all our clothes. We counted every penny. We weren’t trying to have a beautiful car. Our car was just wheels. But my children stayed in the church. They became choir directors themselves and their children attend Church.” She touched her heart and said: “I feel very good about this.”

The practice of discussing the Gospel on the way home or at home after Church is an excellent way to bring the Gospel to life. It seems so obvious.

What also stands out in her story is the time she spent with her children. She understood her vital role as a mother to look over and tend the seeds of sanctity and remove the weeds of vice in the life of her children. This success story in the midst of trying times is an enormous encouragement for us who face the challenges of own particular circumstances.